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Mark Pincus & Bing Gordon: A Serious Take on Internet Game Play

Usually I wait until my weekly review to post links to all the interesting podcasts I listen to in the week, but I found this one quite insightful as well as entertaining, so thought I'd find the video and post it here. It is just over an hour long, including questions from the audience, but the speakers have a good rapport and keep each other moving from topic to topic, so it seems shorter than that.

The Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner podcasts are always interesting, and this one is no exception - from their site: "Serial entrepreneur and Zynga founder Mark Pincus and Bing Gordon, longtime Electronic Arts creative mind and investor on behalf of KPCB, provide a very laid-back and desultory conversation. Topics touched upon include successful CEOs, building sustainable companies, mentorship, and the consumer pay-driven Web 3.0."

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