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Learning Java as a somewhat experienced developer

I've programmed in various languages, on various systems, over the years, and am now turning my attention to Java. I thought I'd use this page to keep a list of the resources I found useful for getting up to speed with Java. Both the configuration, as well as understanding common programming conceptslike objects in the context of Java and the Eclipse IDE. So far I've used the following books, videos, tutorials, and other online resources.

Review of the Green Science Dynamo Torch from 4M

Dynamo Torch review thumbnail
We were wandering through the Royal Ontario Museum gift shop, and saw the 4M Green Science Dynamo Torch. It wasn't too expensive, and our 8 year old wanted to check it out, so why not? We managed to get it assembled and working, which is more than I was expecting, really. It is a chance for kids to have at least some hands-on experience with wires, motors, and gears. Here are a few photos of the process and a bit of a review

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