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The buzz on Buzz? Mobile integration looks amazing

When I first heard about Google Buzz I was of two minds - "its from Google so it is important", but also "another social network, yawn".

But then I watched this video (via the somewhat ad-overloaded ) from Google describing how Buzz will work with Mobile phones, and it looks a LOT more interesting.

Here's the video, just under 2 minutes:

Google Earth KML file for the photographs on my photoblog

A quick tutorial on how I put together a PHP script to serve a Google Earth KML file updated live with all the geo-tagged photos from my photo-blog, stored in MySQL. Rather than having people store the whole, static data file on their local machine, I've created a small, second XML file that uses the element to have Google Earth re-load the data file every hour, so that newly geotagged photos are included as well.

If you have Google Earth installed you should just be able to load the KML data file on this page to see a live version of the links.

( This is a link to an older technology based blog entry I wrote. )

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