Matthias Shapiro Ignite talk: Effective Information Visualization

Screencapture of Matthias Shaprio at Ignite presenting on Data Visualization
A quick 5 minute 'Ignite' presentation back in March 2009 by Matthias Shapiro, introducing the basics of information visualization - use the right presentation techniques to tell a story about your data - in three easy steps:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Gather the right information
  3. Apply the right metric to convey the meaning of the information

To tell a compelling story you will need to highlight the right relationships in your information, usually using one of the following presentation techniques:

  • relative size
  • colour
  • relative location
  • network connections
  • change over time

More details on the talk, including links to many of the visualizations as well as the slides, is available on Matthias Shapiro's blog Designer WPF.

[Via information aesthetics blog]